Alec Lowell

2018 Prom Court - Alec Lowell

We have raised $855.00 for the 2018 Prom Court - Alec Lowell from a total of 6 donors. This is 34.20%. We need to raise $1,645.00 more to reach our $2,500.00. target


Alec Lowell is a Financial Advisor with A.I.D. Wealth Management who focuses on methodically serving the needs of individuals, families, and businesses alike. Supporter of anything pizza, Alec spends time away from work eating deep dish and watching his alma mater (THE Ohio State University) win on the football field. Alec was first introduced to HANDY in early 2017, and immediately was blown away by the impact they have made within our South Florida community. As Prom King, he will make sure that HANDY’s mission is shared, heard, and understood.