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HANDY LIFE PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY for Healthy Youth Transitions (HYT)

To be eligible youth MUST be between the ages of 15-22 and be a Broward County Resident. HYT programs are designed to provide life coaching services for transitioning youth in the following target populations:

Youth must be:

  • • Adjudicated dependent youth in out of home care or youth placed in protective supervision
  • • Youth who are in non-adjudicated relative or non-relative caregiver living arrangements
  • • Middle or high school aged youth with delinquency involvement
  • • Middle or high school aged crossover youth with delinquency and dependency involvement
  • • Middle or high school aged youth who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ) and who are at high risk and in need of life coaching services.

** Youth who are participating in any Healthy Youth Transitions (HYT) program cannot be dually enrolled in another CSC/HYT program occurring during the same time period.

  • Person Referring Youth: